Who are We ?

 The Scientific Interest Group GIS 2if (Innovation, Interdisciplinarité, Formation) is a federative and interdisciplinary organisation. Created in 2018, GIS2if has a dynamic that has started since 2017. Its goal is to highlight investigators and research teams who work together on innovation events as part of training. These events are linked to technological innovation, especially on industrialisation events of training and on interactions between both of them. There are 3 main challenges:

  • The transformations in the ways of teaching and learning, as well as in the pedagogical, communicational and organisational contexts of production, dissemination and use of training goods and services.
  • The economic, political and institutional stakes of the diversification of training systems and strategies, and their evolution.
  • The cultural, anthropological and societal dimensions of the changes in the modes of access to knowledge, particularly in the era of algorithmic intermediation and artificial intelligence.

Led by the University of Paris Descartes, it is chaired by Georges-Louis Baron, and co-chaired by Laurent Petit (Sorbonne University) and Isabelle Paillart (University of Grenoble Alpes).

This website aims at being informed on the activities of The Scientific Interest Group GIS2if. In there, you can find members' collaborations of partner organisations. The website also proposes a space for environmental scanning and reflection on education, training and digital technology.

Governing body: :
Georges-Louis Baron
Béatrice Drot-Delange
Thibaud Hulin
Isabelle Pailliart
Laurent Petit
Arnaud Séjourné
Aude Seurrat

General Secretary:
Khansa Ghabara